2 Mistakes to Avoid when Cutting Glass

Glass on a black background.

If you are considering cutting glass in order to get a suitable shape for your project, then you may not know how to avoid common mistakes that can damage the glass. Improperly cutting glass not only runs the risk that you will shatter the glass, but also carries a personal risk to you, which might result in you getting hurt. Learning how to avoid these mistakes is very important.

1. Not Cutting On a Flat Surface

A big mistake that can result in the glass breaking is to cut it when holding it, or using the edge of a chair or worktop to do the cutting. You need to lay out the glass on a flat surface and hold it down firmly while you are cutting. You should make sure that the glass remains on the flat surface the entire time.

2. Not Pressing Down

While you are cutting the glass, you should press down firmly with the glass cutter. You should hear a clear sound of cutting through the glass, rather like walking over gravel. If you cannot hear this sound, press down more firmly. You should also make the cut in one regular motion, rather than stopping and starting. Don't press down too hard, as you are trying to score the glass, rather than cut right through it.