2 off the Shelf Home Designs

House blueprints

There are at least two home designs that can be purchased off the shelf. The off the shelf purchase are plans that are pre-made and standard and can be used in many communities. This means that the plans are designed to meet the building codes of the local community without much regard to design changes or modifications needed for approval.

The two off the shelf home designs discussed in this article include those for a ranch style home and a Cape Cod style house.

Ranch Style Off the Shelf Home Designs

Ranch style home designs that are off the shelf are a standard type of home design that can be found. Ranch style homes are single level house plans that feature several rooms, a living space, kitchen, and bathrooms, all on the same level. The ranch style off the shelf home design is one that is easy to implement and build. Purchasing a ranch style home design can also be the least expensive of the ones that you find off the shelf. This is good for the home owner that is looking to save on some of the costs associated with purchasing their building plans and building the home.

Cape Cod Off the Shelf Home Designs

a framed in house

Cape Cod homes are popular in the east coast of the United States. A cape cod home features several levels, a dormer roof that allows for expansion into an additional room for guests or a growing teen and many other elements that are simple and easy to design and implement.

Cape Cod plans can be found online and made adaptable to many community’s building codes and standards. The use of Cape Cod plans can also be as inexpensive to build as those for ranch style homes. The material list included with a Cape Cod style home are not much different than the material list that you will find for a ranch and other type of home plan that is purchased off the shelf.

Considerations for off the Shelf Home Designs

When looking for off the shelf house plan designs, look for those that are simple to implement and meet the relevant building standards for your community. The plans should incorporate all of the design elements you are looking for in the type of home that you want to build and fit within the house building budget that you have set for the building of your new home.