2 Primary Benefits of Anise Oil

Anise oil, also commonly referred to as aniseed oil, has a great many purposes and uses, some of the most prominent being culinary and medicinal.

Culinary Benefits: Digestion and Chest Congestion

There are many culinary uses and benefits in consuming anise oil. For starters, it can add a deep and spicy flavor to food and drink, and has been known to be combined with such things as herbal teas, meat dishes and other food and drinks. It is also very beneficial to digestion, helping with such things bloating, painful gas, indigestion and other stomach disorders. Beyond digestion, it's also been linked to helping with bronchitis and chest congestion when consumed.

Medicinal Benefits: Antiseptic and Pain Reliever

Some of these have already been mentioned, but there are plenty more. It is known to have numbing effects on certain types of pain, and can alleviate pain from a toothache by applying directly above the sore tooth. It can help with various types of stomach cramps when rubbed into the abdomen. It can also be used when combined with carrier oil on small cuts and abrasions for its antiseptic properties.

The benefits of anise oil are extensive. Keep in mind that many essential oils are quite potent, so it's important to discuss with a qualified herbalist before using.