2 Problems Using Cloth Tape on Walls

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Cloth tape has a cloth backing. It is an durable adhesive form of tape. The cloth backing makes this tape more flexible. Cloth tape is available at most hardware and home-improvement stores. There are many different types that can be used in a variety of projects.

1. Adhesive Residue

Cloth tape can be used to mount pictures and other items to a wall. It creates problems when the time comes to remove these objects from the wall. Over time, the adhesive can become fused to the finish on the wall. The adhesive on the tape can often leave a residue on the wall and create problems with the finish. If the tape is pulled too quickly or with too much force, the finish can come off with it. It is possible to remove the residue from the wall but that process requires care and patience to avoid any damage.

2. Drooping Fixtures

The flexible nature of the cloth tape can cause it to loosen under pressure. The loose tape will then cause the item that has been mounted to either become unbalanced or to loosen from the wall as well. A loose wall fixture can eventually fall from the wall and break.