2 Projects You Should Use a Mini Lathe For

People who want to turn metal and wood into a wonderful piece of art make full use of the mini lathe. The mini lathe is a piece of equipment, often found in machine shops that is used to cut or machine solids. They come in a wide variety of models, all designed to perfectly handle whatever material they are used to work on.

Woodworking with the Mini Lathe

The most common use for the mini lathe is for woodwork. The types of work you can do with a mini lathe are actually countless – you can create complicated works, such as designing a chess pawn or making a bowl with intricate cylindrical details. These are all possible because the wood is allowed to spin on the lathe while the craftsman works on making different designs on his work piece.

Mini Lathe Metal Crafts

Another common use for the mini lathe is to machine on solid metals. The most creative hobbyists were able to make mini steam engines for model railroads. Others have also gone to the next level of making jet engines. Even objects related to astronomy and microscopy can be created with the help of this very useful machine.