2 Reasons to Remove Old Paint from a Used Crib

While it can be thrifty to purchase a used crib, there are some problems associated with the old paint on these cribs. Old cribs are likely to be painted with lead-based paint, which can lead to serious health problems. The following two problems are the reasons that parents should remove old paint from a used crib.

1. Cracking or Peeling Paint

A used crib may be so old that the paint is beginning to crack or peel off the wood. An infant may pick up and swallow pieces of paint, leading to illness or choking risks. If the paint is lead-based, an infant's swallowing of it could be deadly. If the paint on a crib is coming off, parents should remove the paint before using the crib with their baby.

2. Paint Is Lead-Based

Many old cribs were painted with lead-based paint. Lead poisoning can result from eating or inhaling anything that contains lead. Lead poisoning can lead to complications like behavioral problems, kidney damage, slow growth, reduced IQ and hearing difficulties. Signs of lead poisoning include pain in the abdomen, aggression, constipation, irritability, poor sleep, headaches, lack of appetite, fatigue, vomiting, anemia, seizures and comas. These symptoms can lead to death in a baby or child. It is important that parents remove old paint from used cribs and repaint the crib using lead-free products.

In summary, purchasing a used crib can be a smart investment for parents to make; however, when you buy a used crib, you should always remove the old paint. Do so safely, taking care to prevent inhalation of the paint dust during removal. Once the old paint has been removed, lead-free paint can be used to add color to the crib.