2 Things to know before Removing Damaged Inlay Wood from Antique Furniture

When working with damaged inlay wood from antique furniture, it is important to consider a few things before removing it. The inlay is basically the material that is inside of the furniture. To remove this, here are a few things that you want to keep fresh in your mind.

Tip 1 – Check it Out

Before doing any actual removing, you want to make sure that you are checking out and assessing the damage done to the material. There are many times that you think you need to replace it, but in reality it can be cleaned by yourself or a professional for a low price. Evaluate the stain or damage done and decide whether it still needs to be removed and replaced.

Tip 2 – Clear the Way

Now that you know it needs to be taken care of, make sure that you are getting everything else out of the way so to not do any damage or harm to it. Since you are working with an antique, it could be damaging to use a hammer or pry bar to remove staples or anything to pull off the glue and then wind up scratching another part of the furniture. Get anything possible cleared out before moving on.