2 Things to Know Before Shopping for Printer Stands

Printer stands, which are made from heavy-duty frames, are designed to hold and support printers. They are also sometimes used for storing items like paper, printer cartridges, and printing-related materials.

1. Type

Printer stands come in a wide variety of types. The first thing you have to decide is whether to get one that is stand alone or comes with a desk. If you already have a desk for your computer, the stand alone device would be more practical, as it is much cheaper. You also have to determine whether you want something with wheels or without. If you are going to use the printer in various locations of your home or office, you should get a stand with wheels. If not, a stand with no wheels would be a suitable choice.

2. Material

Plastic, metal, and wood are the materials commonly used to construct printer stands. A metal stand is durable and less flammable, but is pricier and heavier. Wood is preferred by some for its aesthetic quality but it can also be quite expensive. Wood is even heavier than metal. Plastic may not be as durable as metal but it is the cheapest and lightest option among the three. Decide what your priorities are, so that you can make informed choices when buying a printer stand.