2 Tips for Cleaning Bronze

If you have any bronze utensils, vases or other items that have accumulated a fair amount of dirt and smudges, you should consider cleaning the bronze. A few common household items can go a long way in ridding your bronze of assorted types of filth.

1. Use a Homemade Cleaning Solution

One good tip for cleaning bronze is to produce a highly effective homemade cleaning solution. To do this, combine 1 tbsp baking soda with several drops of lemon juice. You will know your cleaning solution is beginning to take shape when the mixture starts to fizz. Once the fizzing has ceased entirely, you will be ready to apply your cleaning solution.

2. Use a Nonabrasive Washcloth

After your homemade cleaner has taken shape, you'll need to use a nonabrasive washcloth to apply it to your dirty bronze. Once you've applied the pasty mixture to a nonabrasive washcloth, proceed to wipe down any noticeably filthy areas of the bronze using vigorous back-and-forth motions. When cleaning caked-on stains, allow the cleaner to set in for several minutes before wiping them off.

Once you've finished cleaning your bronze, rinse off the cleaning solution under a cool faucet, then dry off the freshly cleaned bronze with a clean nonabrasive washcloth.