2 Tips for Converting 230v Power

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Most electrical outlets create an alternating current with a single phase that can supply about 100 to 125 volts or 210 to 230v power. A voltage converter is a useful electronic device that contains the ability to decrease and increase the electric voltage current in foreign countries.

It is also another name of a switch that manipulates the voltage of electronic devices with the aid of power outlets. This article will explain the two different ways that a 230v power can be converted. There are different voltage requirements in different countries; it can either be at 220 or 230v power or at 110v.

Thus it is important to have a voltage converter with you so you can meet the appropriate voltage needed in that place and fill the gap of the voltage. Voltage converters can be a travel device that will permit you to use 230v power devices which can be transformed to a lower voltage to follow the required voltage in another place.

It has a plug at the end and may require physical compatibility so to work effectively.

1. Using a Transformer for Conversion

One method to convert a 230v power is by using a transformer. The transformer is responsible for decreasing and increasing the voltage for the alternating current (AC). For example when used in small electronic devices it can convert small voltage 4.5 volts to 12 volts likewise with 110v into 230v. This is also called a step up conversion and can also be a step down wherein the 230v will be converted to 110v.

To explain further, a full wave rectifier that changes the alternating current into a direct current (DC), wherein the wave was compressed with the aid of additional components. The power supply which was powered with additional power causes this to step up. Determine the watts of your gadget so you will know what voltage converter you need. You can see this information from the converter's box or on the manual.

2. Using the Inverter to Convert DC to AC

There are converters that don’t have transformers within them so it is difficult to increase and decrease the voltage. Take the voltage converters purchased solely for automobiles; it does not contain any transformer but relies on Zener Diode. The Zener Diode decreases the direct current by consuming large power loss as heat. To convert the DC voltage to a higher current it must go through AC conversion first. Once it is at AC voltage, then the transformer will increase and decrease the voltage.

Here you may opt to use an inverter to create the desired AC voltage using the automobile’s electrical system and later on use the conventional power supply in that device. The inverter is an electronic device that makes conversion of DC to AC volt possible.

There are other ways to convert a 230v voltage available, but these twp are the most common ways to convert alternating to direct current and vice versa. It is indeed possible to convert a 230v power without any hassle using these devices and you won’t worry when you travel outside the country if you have these simple devices with you.