2 Tips for Increasing RV Bed Space

Recreational vehicles usually have RV beds that are already premade. Though these beds may claim to be queen or king-sized, they often fall short of the standard measurements of actual queen or king-sized beds. As an RV offers minimal space to work and live, you must be creative to increase the amount of bed space without sacrificing the other amenities of your recreational vehicle. Take out the premade beds and try the following tips.

1. Air Mattress

With an air mattress or Aerobed, you can pick the size that is comfortable for you. You can even adjust the firmness of your air bed according to your satisfaction. What is more, you can easily inflate and deflate the mattress in minutes with the help of an air compressor. In the evenings, you will have a bigger space to sleep, and in the morning, you can stow the mattress away and use the space for other activity or equipment in your recreational vehicle.

2. Pull-Out Bed or Futon

Just as in a guest room in a home, a sofa bed provides the ideal solution to space saving. This type of bed works as a functional couch during the day but can unfold to a expose a mattress at night. Pull-out beds come in different sizes so you can pick the size that is comfortable for you. Futons are also available in fold-out styles, some even small enough to work as easy chairs during the day and twin-sized beds at night.