2 Types of Tile Saw Blades

If you are looking for blades that will cut tile, marble, granite, or any other type of stone, then you are looking for what are called tile saw blades. The type you use really depends on the type of project you are doing, and the amount of time you have. The two main types of blades are wet and dry. This usually refers to some sort of diamond blade. For instance, one type of wet tile blade you can use is a continuous rim, diamond blade, and it uses water for cooling. An example of a type of dry blade is a turbo diamond blade. A wet blade will allow you to do most jobs as well as the dry blade. This is because of the two different types of tile saws they are used with. Below are the two main types of blades, the types of saw they are used with, and what makes them useful.

1. Wet Tile Saw Blades

Used with wet table saws, they can be used for just about any stone cutting project. Wet ceramic blades have to be used with water. Take this into consideration, because you will need a source of water. You cannot, and should not use a wet tile saw blade without water. Wet blades have a longer life because water is used to keep them cool when in use. They are safer to use since continuous rim saw blades won’t cut through skin quiet as fast as some other blades. The water helps make a smoother cutting course. They are great for large projects. If you use a cheaper style and quality of wet-tile blade, you will most likely get wet, so be sure to pick a good quality blade. A Diamond Premium Wet tile blade will cut through tile, stone and porcelain. Multi-purpose Diamond wet saw blades are good for fiberglass, cutting tile and stone.

2. Dry Tile Saw Blades

Used with dry tile saws. These will not be used for every stone cutting project, because dry tile saws are hand-held. Due to this, you won’t consistently have control over the quality of the cuts you make. It may be difficult to make your edges smooth and even with a dry saw blade for certain projects. You may like to use dry saw blades because dry tile saws are easier to set up. All you have to do is plug it in. Dry saw blades are great for removing old tile that needs to be replaced. When using a dry blade for cutting there may be ceramic tile dust and debris, which means you will have a mess. Diamond MK-304CR 157770 7" Dry Cutting Blades are good for cutting hard ceramic tile, and is good for most tile jobs. The Diamond Masonry Blade can be used to cut concrete, masonry, or stone. It can actually even be used on a wet tile saw. Make sure that whatever type tile saw blade you use, that you have all the necessary safety equipment, such as protective goggles.