2 Ways to Decorate Your Baby's Changing Table

You can easily update a baby changing table with a coat of paint and some stencils. Pick a theme that coordinates with your child's room. Be sure a toxic-free paint.

1 - Paint the Table

Choose a paint color for your changing table that goes well with the room. Visit your local paint or hardware store to research the available paint colors. Be sure to speak with a paint expert for advice on the best paint for a changing table.

Before you paint, put an old sheet on the floor of the room under the changing table to protect the floor surface from any spatter or spills. Be sure the room is well-ventilated. Use sandpaper to roughen the table surface. Apply the paint to the paint brush and carefully paint the table, moving the brush in the same direction as you work. A small sponge roller would also work well for applying the paint.

Allow the paint enough time to completely dry. If necessary, apply another coat of paint to the table.

2 - Stencil or Stamp the Table

Visit your local paint or hardware store and purchase foam stamps that coordinate with the baby room. Choose a non-toxic paint color to use in applying the stamps. Apply an even coat of the non-toxic paint color to the foam stamps. Press the stamps in a creative pattern on the table. Allow the stamp paint enough time to dry. You can protect the stamp work with a layer of a non-toxic polyurethane coating.