2 Ways to Keep a Patio Slab Clean

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The average patio slab is prone to attracting dirt, weeds and algae just like any other garden feature. Shoes will leave marks and wet weather conditions will always encourage growth. It’s always a good idea to get proactive when you start to see dirt accumulating. This is especially true of patio slabs. Leaving the weeds to grow and the algae and dirt to accumulate will only make for more work later. Another good reason to clean is that dirty patio slabs can be dangerous. Algae and other growth can become slippery. Keeping your slabs clean will reduce the risk of accidents for everyone. Sometimes it’s easy to be unaware of how much dirt has build up on your patio slabs, since it does build up so gradually. It pays to be mindful so that it isn’t an accident that brings them to your attention. There are effective ways to keep a patio slab clean that don’t require an enormous amount of effort. It pays to keep them in mind if you want to be proud of your patio and feel safe too. Act on dirt regularly and you won’t need to worry.

1 - Remove Weeds

grass meeting up a concrete sidewalk

Weeds are essentially the plants we don’t want in our gardens. One of their key features is that they’ll sprout up anywhere. Anyone who’s dealt with weeds before will know that they are notoriously difficult to remove completely, as they tend to be very hardy plants. This can be especially true when they grow between patio slabs, since you often don’t have the space in which to dig out their roots completely. Also maintain a clean line between nearby grass and the edge of the patio.

The fact that they grow and spread quickly is a very good reason to remove weeds from between your slabs early. Roots beneath slabs can cause serious damage if the weed they belong to is of a variety that will grow big and strong. Use a sharp, narrow implement such as a knife to lift them up from between the spaces in your paving. Try to avoid simply cutting the tops off weeds, as they will continue to grow. Specialized tools are available for this job, for those who want to invest in something purpose-built. If you know that the weeds you’re trying to tackle do have deep roots, it might be wise to purchase a chemical weed killer that will simply kill the plant. Always follow the manufacturer’s guidelines with such substances.

2 - Manual Cleaning

The best way of removing dirt and algae from patio slabs is still a brush or broom and warm soapy water. You’ll need to put some effort into the operation if slabs are particularly dirty but it will pay off as they start to look new again. Rinse every now and again to be sure of where you’re up to. More technologically-minded people might decide to use a pressure washer for this job, and they’re likely to get similar results without as much effort. Pressure washers have the disadvantage of being rather expensive, but to some they may be well worth the cost, as they avoid the need for getting down on your knees.