2 Wireless Router Security Tips

If your home or place of business features a wireless Internet connection, you should familiarize yourself with a few wireless router security tips. Below are some of the simplest, most effective ways to ensure the security of your wireless network.

1. Reduce Your Signal Strength

One of the best wireless router security tips is to reduce the strength of your router's signal. If your signal strength is strong enough, it may result in neighbors intentionally or inadvertently stealing your bandwidth, so if you suspect this to be the case, you may stand to benefit from this particular tip. Putting this tip into action will generally require you to log into your router's configuration menu and play around with the signal strength a bit. It may take a while before you're able to find the ideal signal strength for your home, but the payoff should be well worth it.

2. Develop a Clever Password

Another one of the most effective wireless router security tips is to come up with a clever password that will be very difficult for any potential intruders to decipher. In addition, make a point of only sharing your password with trusted family members, friends and coworkers. For best results, make your password a mixture of letters and numbers.