2010 Celeb Hairstyles and Color

In 2010, there was a variety of celeb hairstyles that we can choose from. Aside from the cuts, color played a big part in  celebrities' hair. Some were subtle, while some were bright and colorful.

1 - Nicole Richie

Nicole Richie brought the full bangs back. Her razor cut bangs hang just below her eyebrows. This style became popular among the Bohemian types, as well as, it makes it easy for girls who like to wear their hair longer to change up their style a bit. She sported this look with very dark hair, as well as a blond color.

2 - Reese Witherspoon

Reese has the All American Girl look with her straight, sleek style. Her hair has a few face framing layers cut from the top to keep her natural looking blond locks from looking stringy or unkempt. Beyonce also wore the straight long look in 2010 in a soft, brown, blond color.

3 - Halle Berry

Halle Berry opted to cut her hair into a pixie cut in 2010. This short cut is versatile so you can wear it straight or mess it up a bit with some mousse to get a soft look. She has kept her hair dark. Sharon Stone also cut her hair in this style, keeping her hair a champagne blond, while Alyssa Milano kept this cut her natural dark shade.

4 - Kim Kardashian

Kim, and her sisters as well, wore their hair in soft waves. Their dark, rich color accentuates the long layers that are cut into her hair that also give it volume and texture. Taylor Swift also wore this style in 2010, but in her natural blond hair color.

5 - Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston has always worn her her hair in a longer, straight style. In 2010, she changed it up just a little with soft, subtle, blond highlights. and light brown low lights.

6 - The Bob

Everybody from Gwenyth Paltrow, Katie Holmes, and the most famous for her bob haircut, Victoria Beckham, all have had a bob cut be in short, angled, or long. The bob style works with all hair lengths, textures, and facial shapes.

7 - Rihanna

Rihanna was the most creative with her hair in 2010. She has an oval face, which allows her to wear her hair in any style and look good. She always keeps her hair short, but played it up with intense blond color, bright red color, and splashes of other colors throughout the year. She would amp up the look at times by curling the long layers on top. Katy Perry also played up her hair color with electic blue to contrast her coal black hair.

6 - Christina Hendricks

Christina brought the strawberry blond look back. Keeping her hair just below shoulder length with side bangs, the pop of color brightened her face with contrast to her pale white complexion.

7 - Katherine Heigl

Katherine Heigl has had blond hair since her debut on Grey's Anatomy. In 2010, she went the complete opposite, dying her hair a dark brunette. She kept her shoulder length, layered cut, with short side bangs.