2018 DIY Trends

A pastel-colored kitchen.

With the new year almost here, it’s the perfect time to preview what home improvement and design trends will be taking center stage in the coming 12 months. With a new year comes a fresh start, and it’s fun to think ahead about what projects you’ll be doing, in and around the house in the near future. To help you start your planning, check out all the up and coming DIY and home design trends to be on the lookout for in 2018.

Vibrant Colors

While the past few years have been filled with muted neutrals, it’s predicted that 2018 will bring back a pop of color to many homes. This promises to be a fun trend to try. To incorporate vibrant colors into your home via a DIY project, try painting an accent wall or painting your kitchen cabinets a bright hue to add some serious flair.

A rustic bathroom mirror next to a stack of white towels and a sink.

Rustic Bathrooms

Move over sleek and modern bathrooms—something rustic is here to steal the show! Rustic style, in general, has been a rising trend over the past few years, but in 2018 it’s expected to creep into the world of bathrooms. A great way to give your own bathroom this look is to create a shiplap wall, creating your own boards and then installing them to fit this mountain lodge-inspired look.

A modern sink against a concrete background.

New and Improved Sinks

While white and stainless steel kitchen sinks have been the most popular option in recent years, industry experts are predicting that this will change. Stone, copper, granite, and even concrete sinks are expected to gain popularity. A DIY sink installation will be in store for many over the course of 2018.

A blue backsplash.

Funky Backsplashes

Another kitchen trend to be on the lookout for is geometric backsplashes that almost mimic wallpaper. This is yet another way to incorporate a pop of color into your home, as mentioned above. These backsplashes make for a fun and rewarding DIY project as a change in a backsplash can completely change the look of your kitchen in the best of ways.

A vintage chandelier.

Vintage Light Fixtures

What’s old is new again with the rise in popularity of vintage light fixtures. These can be installed in almost any part of your home, from your dining area to bedroom or living space. Swapping out light fixtures is a relatively simple DIY project, but this is another that will prove to make a big impact on the aesthetic of your home. Try adding a vintage-style chandelier to your foyer to glam it up, or a pendant light above the dining room table for something unique and stylish.

A wheelchair with an elderly couple in the background.

Accessibility Accommodations

With many families welcoming relatives to live with them as an economical solution to elder care, creating a more accessible space within homes is predicted to be a big DIY trend in 2018. These projects mainly focus on the widening of hallways and doorways to help loved ones get around with ease. These projects prove to be a large-scale undertaking, and they typically run homeowners between $2,500 and $5,500 to complete.

A paneled mudroom with hooks for hat and umbrella storage.

Mudroom Installations

Experts believe that many homeowners will be looking to add a mudroom to their home this upcoming year if they don’t already have one. After all, mudrooms provide families with more valuable storage space for things like coats, shoes, and outdoor necessities. This is another large-scale project, but it definitely increases the value and organization of a home, making it worthwhile.

A smartphone and a smart home.

Eco-Friendly Remodel Efforts

This is something that’s been on the rise for a number of years, and 2018 is no exception to the rule. Homeowners are looking to increase the eco-friendly rating of their homes by completing projects such as upgrading insulation, installing smart home automation features, and choosing more earth-friendly materials to use in and around their homes.

All of these home trends are exciting to look forward to in the new year, and they certainly provide the chance to improve your living space. Now that you have this valuable information, you can really start to plan where you’d like the next calendar year to take your home and what projects you need to complete to get there.