2019 DIY Resolutions

A young woman painting a wood chair.

With the new year rapidly approaching, many individuals find themselves reflecting on their accomplishments of the past year and also looking forward to decide what goals they would like to accomplish. While many of these goals typically relate to things like health, fitness, finances, or other sectors of life, it’s also a great time to set some goals pertaining to DIY projects and home improvement. Keep reading to harvest some attainable resolutions revolving around improving your home.

Pick a Passion

Finding something to be passionate about surrounding DIY projects is a great place to start when it comes to setting DIY resolutions. You’ll want to focus on something you’re passionate about in the field, whether it’s home improvement projects, learning a new craft, or refining skills that you’ve previously learned. This can be something you have much experience with or very little, depending on what the rest of your goals are and what you want to push yourself to achieve in 2021.

Choose One Project Per Room

Someone cutting wood with a circular saw.

Perhaps an attainable DIY resolution to set is to commit to completing one project per room of your home in 2021. This is a long-term resolution that’s easy to spread over all of the months in the year. At the beginning of 2021, make your list and set priorities for each room in order to decide on projects. These can range in scope and size; some rooms may have a simple project lined up, such as touching up paint, whereas others may have more in-depth project goals, such as re-tiling a floor or building new pieces of furniture. It’s also easy to choose projects for the first six months of the year in January and then regroup in June to decide what to do for the last six months of the year, if desired.

Stay on Budget

DIY projects can sometimes be more costly than you’d think, ending up costing you a pretty penny once everything is all said and done. In 2021, make a point to stick to that budget while still getting the most bang for your buck out of every DIY project. After all, there are a wide range of cheap and easy DIY projects to be done that add value and flair to your home. These include projects such as something as small as creating a festive wreath to hang on your door to as large-scale as creating a fire pit.

Learn Something New

Someone sanding a piece of wood furniture.

Learning new DIY skills is always fun, but sometimes it can be tough to force yourself to go outside of your comfort zone. Make 2019 the year or learning how to take on new projects and tasks. This could mean taking a knitting class, using how to use a new power tool, or simply taking on a new technique when it comes to projects.

Go Green

There’s a wide range of projects to be done that contribute to the green movement in the name of the environment. Make it your mission to be a part of these by learning more about the issue. Many DIY projects, such as creating a DIY compost bin or simply maintaining a garden, alleviate this issue. Choose a project to take on in 2021 that helps the environment stay clean and prosperous as a solid resolution.

Repurpose and Upcycle

As you venture onto your DIY journey in this new calendar year, resolve to repurpose items within your home or upcycle old things in your DIY projects. This is not only good for your budget, but it’s good for the environment and it’s fun to breath new light into old items in order to spruce up your home. Items that can easily and commonly be repurposed are old books, scrap wood, linens, and many additional pieces that you surely have in your home.