2021 Home Interior Color Trends

Couch with cushions in shades of yellow and gray

Color trends come and go in home design. And if you’re like most people, you’re ready to see an end to the trends of 2020 and start looking toward the future. Life is looking bright again in 2021. At least, it’s looking pretty bright when it comes to home design. Get the trendy colors for 2021 and give your home a look that feels peaceful and looks amazing.

Colors of the Year

What shades are going to dazzle and delight in 2021? DIYers, designers and home experts say there are definitely some colors that are going to be trendy throughout the year. Which of these colors will you end up adding to your home?

Satin Paprika

One of the newest shades offered in 2021 is satin paprika, a great deep orange color that's rich, vibrant and easy to design with. Rust-Oleum presented this brand-new shade as its 2021 color of the year.

You may agree with them when you get a look at this warm, rich color. Deep orange pairs well wth many other color shades, including dazzling white, shades of cream and vivid, contrasting shades of blue and purple.


wood painted various shades of turquoise

Glidden has introduced its aqua fiesta for 2021, a pretty aquamarine color that looks quite a bit like the famed Tiffany blue. This is a soft color that pairs well with strong Earth tones and neutral shades. Soft shades of aqua are wonderful in home design because it pairs so well with so many other colors, from basic black to warm gold to stunning hot pink and everything in-between.

Warm Bronze

Sherwin-Williams has introduced urbane bronze for 2021, a rich, warm bronze that has gray undertones. Warm metallic shades, like pewter, bronze and rose gold, are going to be hot in design all year long. Rich bronze is a gorgeous color for any room, as it makes a stunning pair with pastels and vibrant jewel tones, too.

Pale Apricot

Also new from Sherwin-Williams is pale apricot. This soft, peachy color is warm and soothing, with tones of pink and orange. This soft color looks amazing when paired with neutral colors and vivid, dramatic shades.

Deep Plum

The year 2021 is all about warm color shades, and deep plum definitely fits the bill. This deep, rich shade is going to be quite a popular accent color throughout the year. Use deep plum sparingly, as this strong color can overwhelm a space.

Popular Color Combos

Great color isn't always about picking just one color. Usually, you need to add another color to really bring out the best in a certain shade. Such is the case with the trendiest color combinations for 2021. By focusing on a color combination rather than just one color, you can create a really great overall design.

Gray and Yellow

gray couch with yellow pillow and blanket

You'll see these two everywhere together. The neutrality of gray plays beautifully against a bright, fun color like bold yellow. Pair these two together to create really eye-catching designs that are just colorful enough, without being too vibrant.

Muted Shades

Muted colors and Earth tones are going to be big in 2021. Rust red, olive green, rich bronze and shades of deep red and brown are going to be everywhere all year long.

Soothing Shades

After the trauma of 2020, many designers and paint companies are focusing on soft, soothing shades that evoke a feeling of relaxation and restfulness. Soft, warm pastels and gentle Earth tones are a perfect way to create that restive atmosphere that feels soothing. The world learned in 2020 that your home is your sanctuary. The right colors can make it feel soothing and safe, which may be just what you need in 2021.

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Home Color Trends

Certain colors and color shades always come and go. Home trends are just like fashion trends, with certain looks and styles going in and out of fashion. For 2021, it’s all about warmth and softness. Fill your home with soothing shades, muted tones and lots of warm colors and you’ll have the trendy look for 2021.