2021 Interior Design Trends to Add to Your Home Now

Rustic metal bed frame in a small room with animal print wallpaper and large windows

Cottagecore is a trend taking over on social media. A combination of romance, country, and rustic, the style offers a connection to nature through animal and plants prints.

A good foundation for the look is wallpaper or walls painted in mossy green, pale yellow, or creamy white. To that base, add simple rustic furniture pieces. Then layer on soft furnishing made of natural materials, such as hemp, cotton, or bamboo pillows and curtains.

Add a quilt on a quilt rack or bring in texture with an afghan. Marry the outdoors with the indoor space with copious greenery, real or fake, in the form of garlands above the bed or windows, an indoor herb garden, a terrarium, or potted plants and flowers. 

Bring Back the 70's, Only Better
Two midcentury-modern chairs in the center of a minimally decorated room

Mid-century and mid-century modern are back and the craze is spreading from Europe to the U.S. You can easily create the look by replacing bulky furniture with sleek designs, especially furniture legs with the traditional thin angled legs.

Believe it or not, the colors of the 70's are making a comeback too, although in slightly different shades than the originals. Burnt orange, yellow more than gold, and all shades of green continue to grow in popularity. You may not be ready to go back to shag carpet, but consider the colors for tiles, countertops, or simply add color pops on the patio furniture with fern green or orange flowers on the throw pillows. 

Lace and Roses
Grey sofa with dark grey wall and floral wallpaper behind it

Prepare to incorporate some nostalgia into your interior design. Although nostalgia is a subjective term, anything from 50's records to 70's Raggedy Ann dolls are on the table. If the 80's is more your era, bring back the soft white coverlets, a bit of lace, and a healthy dose of floral to the space. You can swap out a piece here and there or go all in with an entirely pretty in pink room.

Natural Materials
Kitchen with white cabinets, beadboard backsplash, and wood counters

Synthetic materials have seen their rise and now the focus on natural materials returns. This stems, in part, from environmental concerns around chemicals, plastic, and pollution. However, the reversal is also propelled by the knowledge that it feels better to be surrounded by natural materials than plastic. 

The good news is that adding natural materials to the mix is easy in every single room. Cotton or bamboo bedding and a wooden based lamp offers the bedroom a quick pick me up. In the bathroom, switch to all-natural loofahs and bring in organic cotton towels. If you're in the middle of a kitchen remodel, commit to butcherblock countertops, real wood cabinets, and of course plenty of plants. 

For indoor and outdoor furniture rely on classic teak or rattan for a cozy and comfortable vibe. 

Bold Statements
Burnt orange couch, grey carpet, and large wall art in a living room

Look, 2020 has been, let's say—educational. If nothing else we've been reminded that life is short. 2021 is the year to stop playing by the interior design rules. Do what makes you happy. It's your space after all and going bold simply means finally giving yourself permission to make the space what you want it to be. 

That can mean creating a shiplap accent wall or painting an entire room gold. Perhaps you've dreamed of a color palette from your favorite sports team or want to put up ornate tin ceiling tiles. Maybe your idea of bold is to swap out a classic light fixture with an antler rack chandelier. Or it could be that your colorful spirit wants a geometric design painted onto the ceiling and aim to have a brightly striped rug on the floor in the same room. 

Quality over Consumerism
A keyboard and monitor sitting on a handmade looking wood tabletop with rounded metal legs

Although we are talking about trends here, that doesn't mean disposal and consumption. It simply means change, but there are many ways to tweak the look without buying new things. In fact, one of the most rewarding ways to rework your space is to refinish furniture or simply change colors in a room by painting furniture or walls. 

Moving in to 2021, the focus continues to shift from easily replaceable furniture and decor to that which is durable and long-lasting. Quality over quantity is making a comeback in everything from clothing to dishware. The idea goes hand in hand with the focus on natural materials. If you're considering a furniture purchase, find a craftsman who's style you like. Better yet, make your own furniture. You can also rely on farmer's markets to find local artisans. 

As mentioned, a huge advantage to quality-made products is the ability to create something new out of something old. Restain the antique table, spray paint the metal patio furniture or wall-hanging welcome sign, and reupholster your grandparents rocking chair.