3 Advantages of Using a Gas Heat Pump

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If you are considering getting a heat pump for your home, there are many advantages to the gas heat pump, or a hybrid of air/geothermal source and a gas back up. One of these systems is the dual-fuel heat pump, which manages to combine an environmentally friendly pump, usually the air source heat pump, with a gas furnace which can help to prevent the pump from delivering poor-quality heating during a cold snap.

These kinds of fuel are perfect for getting the best out of your system, and you can also combine the energy efficiency of a heat pump with the reliability of a gas powered heat source.

1. Energy Efficiency

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Although a gas heat pump is not as fuel efficient as some of the other models on the green lifestyle market, they can be very useful if you have a large family and cannot get enough heat from an air source heater. Gas heat pumps only use a small amount of the energy of larger heaters such as a central heating unit, or a space heater, and this makes it a considerable benefit to those living on a tight budget, as there are a lot of savings with using this type of heat pump.

While its energy efficiency is a great improvement upon the traditional heaters, it is not efficient enough to be considered environmentally friendly, and so this is only an advantage if you are not living a green lifestyle.

2. Heat Supply

Heat pumps can be a little unreliable when it comes to a constant stream of hot water or warmth, but a gas heater means you have at least one fuel source if the other is not working. This might be vital for some heat pumps, such as the air source pump, which takes heat from the movement of air. Gas heat pumps will keep working even when the air movement is not strong enough to supply power, for example, on hot days when air is very still the gas heat pump will still provide enough power for air conditioning.

3. Better than Electric Heat Pumps

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The gas heat pump is much better for the environment than an electric heat pump, as it does not use refrigerant, which can be harmful to your surroundings. They are suitable for use outdoors, and don't require the room of an air source or geothermal heat pump.

The gas heat pump can work outside even in very low conditions, working in cold temperatures as low as minus 20 degrees, which is much better than the electric heat pump. They function in much the same way as boilers, making them a much more reliable source of both hot water and air conditioning, depending upon the time of year. They are also able to be maintained by boiler experts, which is a benefit when compared to electric heat pumps, which often need specialists to maintain them.