3 Advantages of Using Mastic Tile Adhesive

The mastic tile adhesive is an organically based mortar that is commonly used in the laying of ceramic tiles. This adhesive is made from the resin of the mastic tree and is available as a thin liquid, a paste, or a glue. Some common construction adhesives are a form of mastic resin. Using mastic as a tile adhesive does carry some advantages over mortar.

1. Tremendous Holding Strength

Mastic is used mostly with ceramic tile, but is also used with heavier materials such as stone and marble. This strength is the reason that many people will use a mastic tile adhesive in shower enclosures where there is a stone tile. If the seal remains the tile, then mastic adhesive will last for many years without any problems.

2. Quick Setting Tile Adhesive

The mastic tile adhesive is very quick setting. While this does have some drawbacks to it, it is also an advantage. Heavier tiles will set quicker so you can get more of the project competed.

3. Easy to Use

When spreading out over a backerboard to apply the tiles to, mastic tile adhesive is much easier to work with than mortar. Not being as thick, the mastic spreads out evenly and gives the tile a very good area to bond with.