3 Advantages to Using an Angle Bracket over a Screw

Using an angle bracket to support your sloped ceiling or serve as closet clothes hanger is definitely more advantageous than using screws. Below are some of the advantages of using an angle bracket over a screw.

1 - Better Angle Ceiling Support

If you have a sloped ceiling attic, it would be better to use angle ceiling support instead of screw on it. Although a bunch of screws placed within certain distance from each other can hold your ceiling, it may not be able to provide the right support in sharply angled areas. Most types of angle bracket are designed to provide strong support areas which are at an angle of about 90 degrees and it latches around the angle securely to strength your ceiling.

2 - Versatile and Easy to Use

If you use screws on your angled ceiling, you may need different sized of screws to get the job done. On the other hand, most types of angle bracket are designed for universal application so you need not buy different types of angle bracket for different angle of sloped ceiling.

3 - Support Closet Rods

Unlike screws which are only meant to hold the ceiling in place, angle brackets may be used to support closet rods that are attached to an angled ceiling.