3 Air Pumps and Accessories for Inflatable Boats

An air pump on a white background.

There are at least three air pumps and accessories to consider for inflatable boats. The air pumps to consider can be both electrically operated and manual pumps used to put air into your inflatable boat. Other accessories that are important to have available include a bilge pump for removing water from the boat and a patch and repair kit.

A good air pump, whether electric or manual, and other accessories can be purchased online or at a boating supply store. The prices for these items are just under $50 in most cases and are designed to be light-weight for easy storage.

1. Air Pumps for Inflatable Boats

For around $25 to $40 you can purchase a 120-volt electric air pump for your inflatable boat. It is a canister style pump that can quickly and easily fill your inflatable boat with air. Most canister electric air pumps can pump 300 liters of air per minute and can make short work of a smaller inflatable boat or make filling a larger inflatable boat less cumbersome. Many have attachments that make them adaptable to any type of inflatable boat with a power cord that retracts after use.

You may also choose a hand or foot pump for smaller inflatable boats or as an emergency pump in the event that a power outlet is unavailable for use with your electric air pump. The hand and foot pumps are less expensive and designed to make filling your inflatable boat with air as easy as possible.

2. Bilge Pumps for Inflatable Boats

A bilge pump is an important accessory to have for any boater and particularly for the owner of an inflatable boat. A bilge pump removes water that gets into the boat in order to maintain its buoyancy and prevent you from going into the water. Many bilge pumps are designed to be used manually, quickly displacing water and removing it from the boat.

Consider a bilge pump that is easy to store inside your inflatable boat. This means that the bilge pump should be stored in a way that allows it to be accessed immediately in the case that the boat becomes swamped with water or develops a leak that requires you to remove water quickly in order to patch and repair the leak.

3. Patch and Repair Kit for Your Inflatable Boat

In case your inflatable boat develops a hole or tear, a repair kit should be handy to immediately patch the boat. Patch repair kits have an adhesive that can be used to quickly patch the rip or tear and allow you to get the inflatable boat to dry land in order to be repaired properly. Patch and repair kits are designed to fix holes and tears of inflatable boats made from canvas, rubber, neoprene, plastic, nylon, fiberglass, polyurethane, and most other materials.

There are certainly other accessories and materials that are necessary for the owner of an inflatable boat. These items are essential items that should comprise the basic supply kit for an inflatable boat. They are easy to store and maintain in your trunk space and use with your inflatable boat.