3 Bathroom Glass Block Project Ideas

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If you've been looking for a great way to breathe some new life into your bathroom, you should consider a contemporary bathroom glass block design. Below are some bathroom glass block projects that will spruce up the space.

Glass Block Windows

Glass block windows work well in the bathroom for several reasons. They are difficult to see through, so your time in the bathroom remains private. Because of the way sunlight reflects off glass block windows, you may not have to turn on your bathroom lights on sunny days. If you live in an area that is consistently sunny year-round, you can save a considerable amount in energy costs.

Glass Block Shower Enclosure

Installing a glass block shower enclosure is a good way to reinvigorate your bathroom. This type of enclosure is easy to clean, and it will give your bathroom a cutting-edge feel. Glass block showers look best when they are coupled with glass block backsplashes.

Glass Block Partition Walls

Glass block partition walls liven up larger bathrooms and effectively separate the sink and toilet from the area that houses the shower enclosure.