3 Benefits of a Rooftop Garden

Having a rooftop garden can add value to your home. But apart from the financial advantage to planting one, there are a number of other benefits.

1 – Privacy

You are unlikely to be overlooked by your neighbors in your rooftop garden. Accordingly, you can sit outside and relax without feeling that you are being watched.

2 – Novelty

Rooftop gardening is not yet the norm, so having a green roof makes your property stand out from others in the neighborhood. This is particularly the case in an urban center, where space is at even more of a premium.

3 – Ecology

Having a green roof provides a habitat for many species who would not otherwise be living in a built up urban area. Also, by having plants on the top of your property, you are doing your own little bit to save the planet by providing a few more plants to process carbon dioxide and reduce your carbon footprint. If those are not reasons enough to get to gardening on the roof, consider your bank balance. Having a rooftop garden provides valuable insulation to a property, which in turn conserves energy and reduces your heating costs, which can only be a good thing.