3 Benefits of an Aluminum Backsplash

  • 2-4 hours
  • Beginner
  • 75-250
What You'll Need
Aluminum backsplash
Aluminum cutter
Soap and water
Working Gloves

Installing an aluminum backsplash will provide you with an easy to clean surface so you won’t need to spend a lot of time cleaning off splashes from your wall. There are no hard and fast rules as to where you should install your backsplash. What is important here is that you are able to protect your wall tiles or wall papers from stains. Compared to other materials like granite and tiles, the peel and stick type of aluminum backsplash is more convenient to install and clean.

Step 1 - Installation

The good thing about the peel and stick aluminum backsplash is that you need to go through a lot of metal work to get it into place. In fact, it will take just a few minutes to install the peel and stick aluminum backsplash in your kitchen. To do this, measure the dimension of the area where you want to install your backsplash. Clean the area thoroughly using soap and water then dry it completely. For shiny surfaces, use sandpaper to remove all the gloss from the area where you plan to stick your backsplash. After sanding the area, use a damp piece of cloth to wipe the dust and particles off the wall.

Use cardboard or pattern paper to create a template for your backsplash then use your template as guide marking and cutting your backsplash material. If you want to create a decorative design for your backsplash, use your pattern paper or cardboard to create your desired design. On the other hand, if you do not want to go through all the troubles of designing and cutting your own aluminum pieces, you can order some pre-cut aluminum backsplash. Pre-cut aluminum backsplashes come in different sizes, shapes and colors so you can easily get something that suits the overall layout of your kitchen.

To install the aluminum backsplash, put adhesive on the back of the aluminum and stick the aluminum on your wall. Use a hammer to gently tap the aluminum pieces into the wall. See to it that the aluminum pieces stick evenly into the surface. Let it stand for about 24-hours to ensure that the adhesive dry up properly before you clean up your backsplash using mild soap and water.

Step 2 - Safe to Use

Aluminum is a fireproof material so this is safe to install even at the back of your stove. When installed properly, this type of material will pay flat on the surface so you need not worry about cutting yourself on its sharp edges. Moreover, this type of material is stain and scratch resistant so you need not worry about damaging your backsplash.

Step 3 - Recycling

The good thing about the peel and stick aluminum backsplash is that it is easy to remove. If you get bored with your kitchen design and you want to shuffle things around, you can easily remove the aluminum backsplash and reinstall it in another area without causing damage on your wall or on your aluminum material. To remove the backsplash, simply apply adhesive remove to melt off the adhesive then lift the aluminum off your wall.