3 Benefits of Using Precast Concrete Piers for Decks

The key factors regarding choosing the right foundation for a deck are stability and durability, and this is where precast concrete piers come into the picture. In fact, if you are planning on building an outdoor deck as an addition to your home, you should definitely consider precast concrete piers. Below are 3 reasons why precast concrete piers are a good choice for decks.

1 - Solid Foundation

The whole focus of an outdoor deck during the construction process revolves around a solid foundation. Precast concrete piers are sturdy and provide support in all kinds of topography; they can be used on slopes and rocks, in areas with extreme weather conditions (including frost), etc.

2 - Easy and Efficient Installation

The other advantage of opting for precast concrete piers for decks is that it allows for an easy and efficient installation process. In fact, precast concrete piers are perfect if you are planning on building the deck yourself.

3 - Ability to Bear Load

Along with great durability, precast concrete piers also have the capacity to bear great loads. This, doubled with the fact that the piers also reinforce your deck footings, make it an ideal choice for the project.