3 Benefits to a Garage Door Keypad

A garage door keypad functions like a digital key for your garage. Like the wireless “clicker” that travels with you in the car, the digital keypad electronically sends the “open sesame” and “down please” codes to your garage door opener. Here are 4 benefits of installing a garage door keypad at your home:


No parent wants their child standing outside their locked home with no key. As much as Mom and Dad may preach, kids are still kids and keys get lost. A keypad at your garage entry provides the solution. Enter the digits and the garage door opens.

For the extra vigilant who lock the house to garage door, hide a spare key in the garage.


Key rings seem to grow like back yard weeds. Car keys, house keys, office keys combine to fill your pocket, so they’re not always welcome. The digital keypad offers the convenience of walking the dog, visiting a neighbor or the community pool without that pesky key ring.


Larger families with several cars will save on clickers—not to mention lost clickers and clicker battery maintenance. A keypad at the garage door solves this multi-car problem.