3 Best Brands of Truck Canopies

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Truck canopies, also known as truck caps, are used by many truck owners. In fact, it is believed that one in every five truck owners will purchase a canopy to protect their pick-up truck. It is clear that canopies are seen as beneficial to truck owners. There are many reasons why truck canopies are great. For example, they protect the bed of the truck as well as any items that you are hauling. They allow you to transport large items without the risk of them falling from the truck. A truck canopy also makes outdoor activities, such as camping, fishing and tailgating, more convenient and comfortable.

There are many different companies producing truck canopies. However, a few of the manufacturers stand out from the group. The three best brands of truck canopies are Leer, A.R.E, and Range Rider.

1. Leer

Leer is a manufacturer dedicated to innovation and providing exclusive features to their customers. For example, they offer a ceiling mounted storage bin and trim-less designs that fit seamlessly with your vehicles detailing. They are also known for changing the industry and being the first to bring new concepts to market.

Leer has the largest distribution network of any truck canopy manufacturer. This means that you will be able to get your canopy serviced by a reputable dealer at a large number of locations. They also offer a limited lifetime warranty.

Leer offers eight product lines. The styling of your truck as well as the desired features will determine which product line you choose. Leer’s canopies are feature rich. They offer insulated roofs, hidden hinges, keyless remote systems, and roof racks among other things. Many outdoor enthusiasts choose Leer because they have wilderness and fisherman packages that create a canopy designed specifically for the outdoorsman.

2. A.R.E

A.R.E is the only truck canopy manufacturer that is ISO certified. Their operations system is one of their selling points. They use top-notch components and materials in building their truck canopies. They offer a warranty on their products and are environmentally conscious. A.R.E. produces more truck canopies than any other company in the industry.

A.R.E offers nine product lines. The most impressive of these is the custom line. You can literally build your canopy to fit your needs, however extreme. Your design will be crafted by A.R.E and sent to a local dealer. The other lines are impressive as well. They are all decked out with a lot of features. For example, you can get a canopy with a ½ inch thick honeycomb roof for extra insulation and a canopy that has been painted to match your vehicles exact paint configuration.

3. Range Rider

Range Rider produces truck canopies in five product lines. They have created canopies that are full of features and fit with the styling of your truck. One of their most sought after features is the “windoor”. The windows on the side of the canopy are oversized. They slide open and can be used for more than ventilation. You can actually load and unload the canopy from the windoors.

Besides the oversized windows, you can order a canopy with maximum height, a custom roof rack and interior lights.