3 Best Materials for Indoor Plant Stands

If you find yourself looking for great materials to create your indoor plant stands, consider some of the ones discussed below.

1. Iron

The best material for indoor plant stands has to be iron. The one drawback is the cost of both the raw material and the finished stand that's created from it. If you can afford it, there's no other material out there that can compete with iron in a pound for pound comparison.

Iron is strong, allowing you to hold more plants on a stand of the same size than any of the other materials around. It is also long-lasting, especially for an indoor plant stand that is not subjected to the elements, and therefore will not have problems with rust. It can be crafted into beautiful forms that can be finished in a number of different colors. There's no loss of artistic license when you're using this excellent material.

2. Maple

Obtained from trees in Canada and the northern United States, maple is a type of wood that has started to become far more popular in outdoor plant stands than in indoor ones. Nevertheless, it remains an excellent choice for indoor plant stands because it possesses many of the same qualities that iron has, at a price that is far easier for most wallets to handle.

Maple is considered the best overall investment. While iron is better in quality, the price increase over maple is not matched by the quality increase. Therefore, maple provides you with the best bang for your buck. It's strong and has the same resistance to wear and tear as iron, although it does not have the same longevity. You can create some gorgeous natural finishes with maple, so the artistic options give you greater choice when you're using this particular material.

3. Oak

Oak is another wood that is found primarily in Canada and the northern United States. It's often viewed as being better for outdoor plant stands because of its hardiness.  When you move that hardiness into the indoor plane however, what you get is amazing durability that will allow you to build a plant stand and keep it around for a very long time.

Oak is beautiful. It has the same natural finishing properties as maple and in many cases doesn't even need to be stained or painted beyond its natural look. However, with the use of stains you can give your oak indoor plant stands a finish that will make them useful as general pieces of rowed furniture if you ever decide that indoor plants are no longer for you. Combine that with the general strength and durability of oak, and what you have is a recipe for a piece of furniture that could become the centerpiece of whatever room in your house gets it.