3 Best Types of Tile for Tile Walls

The 3 best tile types of tile walls are ceramic, glazed and firebrick tiles. Each of these types are durable and fashionable design choices for a tile wall that you are putting up in a bathroom, kitchen or other room of the home. You can choose between these and many other types of tile walls that may be available. Ideas for your tile wall can be obtained online or through the us of a catalog or brochure from a tile and carpet store. You should look through other types of tile walls in order to ind the type that is best suited for your design and the type of tile wall that you are creating.

Choosing a tile wall type should be based on the type of room for installation and how the room will be used. Firebrick tiles will work better in a kitchen and bring out the flooring and lighting elements in the room as well as the different appliances such as the stove, oven and refrigerator. Glazed and ceramic tiles work best in the bathroom as well as in a studio or other room that you want to feature art work or other design elements.

Ceramic Tile Walls

Ceramic tile is the standard building materials for tile walls. A ceramic tile wall is found mainly in bathrooms as part of the bath tub surround. This type of tile is durable and can withstand being in a bathroom area that is exposed to water and moisture. Ceramic tiles are easy to care for and can withstand damage for some time, meaning that you are not likely to replace ceramic tile for awhile once it has been installed in the home.

Ceramic tile comes in a variety of colors and styles and can match the color or decor of any room that it is being installed in. As compared to other types of tiles, ceramic tiles cost less to purchase and install and is easier to work with.

Glazed Tile Walls

Glazed tiles get their name from the glazing that is added to the surface after it is fired in a kiln. The glaze gives the tile a shine that makes it desirous to use in rooms featuring art work or other elements that you want to feature in the home. Glaze tile walls can be built in any room of the home and provide an alternative to ceramic tile walls. Glazed tile will cost more than ceramic tile but will provide a different look and design element.

Firebrick Tile Walls

A firebrick tile wall is a good complimentary look in a kitchen. It can be used to create a restaurant kitchen look and feel and provide a way to highlight the different appliances and other features of the kitchen. Firebrick tiles are an appealing addition and when installed provide an additional design element for the kitchen and for your home.