3 Best Uses for a Cultivator Tiller

A cultivator tiller is a farming tool designed for both deep tilling and gentle cultivation. Since the cultivator tiller can perform multiple tasks, it eliminates the need for numerous types of farming tools. If you do not want to have too many garden tools inside your shed, you should invest in this type of farming equipment.

There are three main types of cultivator tillers available in the market today, namely the hand cultivator tiller, the rotary type and the heavy-duty type attached to tractors. Each of these types of cultivator tillers has their own specific uses.

1. The Handheld Cultivator Tiller

Handheld cultivator tillers are usually used by homeowners to till their backyards and small gardens. This type of cultivator tiller is about the same size as the common garden hoe or rake. The handheld cultivator tiller works like a typical garden hoe except that the cultivator tiller is more efficient at turning and aerating the soil in preparation for planting and it can be used to weed off grass.

The best time to use your handheld cultivator is during the spring right after the snow melts and the ground has thawed. To break up the hardness of the soil, use the cultivator tiller. On the other hand, the best time to use the cultivator is during the moist season when the weeds start to grow and the ground is soft enough to turn. Using the cultivator tiller during a dry or hot season is not advisable. Turning the soil during this time of the year will dry out your soil and damage the roots of your plants. If you have a vegetable garden, you do not need to cultivate your garden frequently especially if you mulch your garden. Mulch prevents the weeds from growing so you won’t have to deal with a lot of unwanted plants.

2. Rotary Cultivator Tiller

The rotary cultivator tiller is almost the same size as a small lawnmower and it is mostly used in medium to large-size gardens. This type of tiller usually has metal wheels and tines on each wheel to help turn the soil. Some types of rotary cultivator tillers use additional wheels made of rubber or plastic as stabilizers. The best time to use this type of cultivator tiller is during the spring. Like the handheld cultivator tiller, this type of garden tool is used to turn the soil before planting and to remove weeds, to loosen and aerate the soil as the plants grow. Unlike the handheld tiller which can only penetrate a few inches into the ground, the rotary cultivator tiller can dig deeper and turn the ground more efficiently. If you are planning to plant corn in your backyard, this type of cultivator tiller is your best option.

3. Tractor Type Cultivator Tiller

The tractor type cultivator tiller is suitable for large scale farming especially when you want to plant grain crops like wheat, corn and others. If you have a few acres of land to cultivate, you should invest in this type of cultivator tiller. With the help of a tractor, you can till and cultivate large acres of land in a short period of time.