3 Best Uses for a Rotary Hammer

A rotary hammer is a tool that is used for drilling holes, especially on concretes or other tough materials. It has been invented to make drilling as easy as possible, and there are people who noted that with a help of a rotary hammer, their usual one hour drilling period goes down to only five minutes of sweat-free drilling time. What makes a rotary hammer efficient is that it does not just rotate to drill, it also drills using a push and pull motion while producing high impact, which then quickly and easily create holes. There are many uses for this type of power tool. The most common will be in demolition, which requires digging or breaking down concrete walls. The amazing thing about this tool is that it can also be used on concrete ceiling, which is in a very awkward position if you try to drill a hole using a hammer and a chisel and would require so much time and energy.

So when do we use this tool? The rotary hammer is basically used to drill holes on concrete and on tough materials. Listed below are the best uses for a rotary hammer.


A rotary hammer is a power tool that provides enough force to break down even the toughest concrete. Professionals use this tool to break down walls when performing a demolition. When fitting a new window on a concrete wall, you want a clean job. This is the best tool for you. The power of a rotary hammer uses different motions along with the featured pressure; the result is a clean drilling project. You can break down all types of concretes, including blocks, brisk and tiles, and you can use it in odd positions as well.

When Drilling Holes in Woods

When the rotary hammer is set to the drilling only setting, it can bore holes into woods. You may think that because it is so tough, wood will be damaged when drilled with this. You are mistaken because this power tool is also designed to drill. The good thing about it is that if you compare it to normal drill, it requires you to push a normal drill to the limit. However, with a rotary hammer, your job is done without using man power and yet gets a better result.

When Placing Pins, Anchor Bolts Plumbing and Dowels

When placing bolts for doors or cabinets or anything that needs drilling on the wall, the usual problem is that normal drills require you to apply pressure on it and push the machine to the limit. What usually happens is that the holes are not as clean as it should be. The concrete breaks down, causing more problems. If you use the right tool like the rotary hammer, the holes will be clean, the walls will not be damaged, and you do not need to push the machine and exert too much effort in drilling.