3 Best Uses for an Allen Wrench

Set of Allen wrenches
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Before considering the best uses for an Allen wrench, you should have a basic grasp of what an Allen wrench looks like. An Allen wrench is a small, typically "L-shaped" tool with a hexagonal (six-sided) socket that is commonly used in the construction of furniture. If you have ever purchased a desk from a department store, you are familiar with this kind of tool. The Allen wrench screws the hardware into the piece of furniture.

1. Repair Furniture

tightening a screw with an Allen wrench

Using the wrench to screw nuts and bolts into a piece of furniture is the most popular use for this small tool. It is a favorite among furniture designers when designing furniture the customer has to assemble at home. Because of the inexpensive nature of these tools, the Allen wrench is included in the box along with the nuts and bolts and wood.

This ensures that consumers are provided with everything they need to fully assemble the piece. Additionally, due to the convenience of the Allen wrench, people are less reluctant to buy furniture that has to be assembled because they know the tools will be included and that they are easy to use.

2. Fix Bicycles

Another popular way to use this small tool is on bicycles. While this use is not as popular as furniture building, it is still a small, handy tool that many avid bikers have readily available. The "L-shaped" nature of the tool allows for bikers to perform emergency repairs if needed. Many bicycle screws are designed in a way to allow bikers to use the Allen wrench. Such a light-weight utensil isn’t much to pack on a long trek compared to a tool such as a screwdriver.

3. Pick a Lock

Lastly, you can pick a lock with an Allen wrench. Have you ever locked your keys inside of the house and not had a clue as to what to do about it? An Allen wrench can save the day. Be sure that the Allen wrench is small enough to maneuver through the lock in order to effectively pick it. However, make sure the only locks you pick are to the things that you own!

Allen wrenches come in progressive sizes from very small up to a foot or so in length. They also come in various shapes. Many people have a variety of Allen wrenches in their toolboxes to address any need that may come along. A wide selection of Allen wrenches are available at any hardware and home improvement store.