3 Best Uses for an Earth Auger

The Earth Auger is typically a device which is used to screw earth upwards and then to manipulate the soil away from the ground. Similar types of augers can be used to lift up ice, to remove blockages from drains, or even move liquid around in the same manner. An earth auger may come as an attachment, which can then be fitted onto the front of other machines, or it can come as a separate tool. If you have an earth auger, then you might be interested in learning of its many uses, so that you can get the best out of all of your machines.

1. Traditional Uses for an Earth Auger

The earth auger has been used since the beginning of agriculture, from small manual augers which were used to dig the ground or make holes in wooden surfaces. The basic design of the auger has not changed from this beginning, although advances in technology have made the simple earth auger into many different varieties, from the agricultural earth digger to a post hole cutter or even a seed screw. All of these types of augers can come with instructions on how to use them, so you need not worry about making mistakes when you are first digging the earth.

2. Larger Earth Augers

One of the modern advances in earth auger uses is in drilling equipment. These tools are used to penetrate the ground in order to find and extract oil or water. The larger types of earth auger also often use a counterweight method which allows them to punch more effectively as they are driven into the ground. If you need to obtain a supply of underground water, then an earth auger is the ideal tool for this extraction. Larger earth augers are often powered by small battery tools such as those being used in small industrial work, and in larger tools, as when farms use large earth augers to dig large areas of ground in a very short time.

3. Other Earth Augers

Keen home gardeners might choose to use an earth auger when you want to remove earth from a particular area of ground. It might be a good idea to use an auger to move ground from a vegetable patch so that you can plant a large bulb into the soil, or you may be considering using the auger to extract soil samples, which can then be used to work out the acidity of your earth.

The earth auger can also be used as a power tool, such as a soil drill, which can make the ground easier to till, and save you working by hand. This kind of technology used to control these electronic diggers means that you can use them to get the rest of your ground dug before you can begin to plant flowers and vegetables in the garden.