3 Brad Nailer Repair Tips

A brad nailer is a popular choice of tool for many home improvement and mechanical projects. This hand-held tool that is used to fasten nails comes in an electric version (electric brad nailer) and one that is powered by compressed air (pneumatic brad nailer). It is particularly handy in carpentry projects that include repairing furniture, attaching trims to cabinets, and other small woodworks.

The advantage of using a brad nailer is that it makes the project so much easier as compared to having to manually fasten nails. Also, it allows you to get through the projects quickly and neatly. It also eliminates the hassles of having to use clamps and other such tools. Like any machine, the brad nailer too can breakdown once in a while. This could be a result of wear and tear, poor quality materials or just a case of bad luck. The 3 brad nailer repair tips given below can help you navigate the situation if such a scenario arises.  

1. Loss of Air Pressure

The most common breakdown in a brad nailer is caused by leaking air. Brad nailers are required to hold air pressure at a set level; if this level is disrupted or disturbed, it will interfere with the proper working of the brad nailer. If you notice any such problems with your brad nailer, be sure to check for leaking air.

If you suspect a flaw in the air pressure of the instrument, first go ahead and release the pressurized air before conducting any checks. This is important to avoid any injuries. Once the air is released give the device a thorough visual inspection. The most common causes of leakage include loose bolts and wear and tear of the trigger area and along the nose of the nailer. The solutions too are simple for each: tighten the bolts and recheck; replace the O-rings along the trigger; and put in a fresh O-ring seal.

2. Damaged Cylinder Spring

If you are experiencing trouble with the speed of the brad nailer, it could indicate a problem in the main cylinder spring of the machine. If you are lucky and there is no real damage to the spring, a simple oiling can help restore function. However, if the problems continue, it could mean that you need a spring replacement.

3. Jamming Brad Nails

Another problem that surfaces from time to time is when the brad nails start jamming. This can happen due to two reasons: a problem with the magazine spring and a problem with the brad gauge.

Sometimes, due to wear and tear, the magazine spring comes loose or breaks. You need to refasten the loose spring and replace the damaged spring to repair the brad nailer. If the problem is with the size of the brad gauge, the brad nails will not load and will cause jamming. This happens when the material is inferior. The only option in this case is to replace the materials. Always opt for a known quality brand to avoid such hassles.