3 Brick Fireplace Removal Mistakes

Brick fireplace removal can mean either of two processes: you remove only the brick fireplace surround, or you remove the entire fireplace. The former is much easier, as the latter means a major demolition. Removing the entire brick fireplace could cost you a lot more compared to just removing the fireplace’s façade. Below are some common mistakes in brick fireplace removal.

1. Overlooking Cracks or Gaps

Be careful not to create cracks or gaps. Overlooking this detail could make your fireplace collapse. If there are cracks or gaps between the bricks and the sidings, the whole fireplace might collapse instead of just the fireplace façade, and you might end up having to spend more money than you originally planned.

2. Not Thoroughly Removing the Bricks

If you want to replace the old façade with a new one, make sure that the surface where the old bricks were placed are properly cleaned and no small bricks are left. Installing new bricks over pieces of old bricks can result in an uneven surface, as well as loose bricks. This will not only be unsightly, but also unstable.

3. Not Wearing Protective Equipment

Removing a brick fireplace requires that you have safety gear on. As it can get very dusty, very tiny dust particles can get into your nose and eyes and cause irritation. Also, since you will be using tools like a chisel, a pry bar and a hammer, failing to wear gloves can cause injury.