3 Causes of Bad Wheel Alignment

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Wheel alignment affects the vehicle steering and wear on tires. Wheel balance refers to their position on the vehicle. There are a number of situations that can lead to bad wheel balance issues on a vehicle.

Worn Vehicle Parts

Age and use of a vehicle will cause the springs of the suspension to sag. Sagging springs can cause the alignment problems for the wheels. Worn sockets and joints can also cause problems. These damaged parts can negatively affect the suspension and cause alignment issues for the wheels.

Hazards on the Road

Potholes and curbs can damage the suspension of a vehicle. The suspension parts can become damaged from any forceful impact with these potential road hazards. The metal can become bent and joints can become damaged. This type of situation can lead to the wheels becoming misaligned.

Modifying the Vehicle Height

There are suspension adjustments that must be made to a vehicle if the height of it is raised or lowered. If the adjustments are not made, the wheels may become misaligned. The vehicle manufacturer has designed all of the vehicle parts to fit correctly with the height and weight. If the height is changed, these specifically designed parts will become misaligned and could cause wheel problems.