3 Cheap Mantel Shelf Ideas

A mantel shelf is the center of attention in the home and accentuates the entire design of your house. It is possible to put up an attractive mantle shelf at an affordable cost. Simply make use of some practical ideas as you put up your shelf.

1. Shelf Material

Wood is the most common material for making mantle shelves. Hardwood such as oak and cherry are affordable and make very beautiful mantel shelves. Besides, wood is very easy to maintain and will last a long time. Use marble, granite or limestone to make a stone mantel shelf. A stone mantel shelf creates a classic and elegant setting in the home, but costs much more than the wooden shelf. Other material sources that one may use to build a mantel shelf are metal and brick.

2. Match Existing Décor

When you go out to purchase a mantel shelf, choose one that matches the existing décor of your home. This will save you the expenses of refinishing the shelf for decorative purposes.

3. Installation Cost

You do not have to hire a contractor to install a mantel shelf for you. Get a simple mantel shelf kit with a set of instructions and do it yourself.