3 Christmas Projects to DIY with Friends

Friends DIYing a Christmas wreath together.

Everyone loves spending time over the holiday season with family and friends. Get into the spirit with a gathering that not only provides face-to-face interaction, but some homemade gifts as well. Here are some winter holiday and/or Christmas projects you can complete with your friends to celebrate the season.

1. Candles

Pouring wax into a glass jar as part of the candle-making process.

Your friends and family will enjoy receiving candles from you as holiday gifts and you can enjoy time with friends while you make them yourself. Here's how!

  1. Collect your supplies, including beeswax or paraffin. You will also need wicks, an old pot or tea kettle, scented oil, candle forms or jars, and any additions you would like to make to your candles.
  2. Cut wicks from string about 5” longer than the candle form you are using. You can also purchase pre-made wicks from the craft store.
  3. Melt your selected wax in a pot or tea kettle. Add any scents you prefer at this point.
  4. Dip your wick into the melted wax and place over your form, jar, or carton with the top end wrapped around a skewer or pencil.
  5. With the wick touching the bottom of the container, pour the melted wax into the mold.
  6. Add small pine cones, larger chips of wax, or shells to the candle for decoration.

2. Wood Christmas Trees

If your friends are more into woodworking than craft glue, why not make a statement piece for the front porch with an easy wood holiday tree?

  1. Cut boards. Your wood tree will be made from planks of even-thickness wood. 1x4 is a good size. Make your longest piece around three feet wide. Take about six inches off each additional board, making six in all. You can adjust the size of your tree based on your personal preferences.
  2. Create a base. Crisscross two boards to form an old-fashioned tree stand. Then, secure a vertical board to the base firmly. Make sure your vertical board is stable enough to handle the weight of the boards you will attach.
  3. Attach each of your cut boards perpendicular to the vertical board starting with the shortest piece at the top and working down to the longest piece at the bottom.
  4. Paint or decorate the boards anyway you like with text or images.

3. Wreaths

Christmas ornaments and pinecones to decorate a Christmas wreath.

Wreaths are easy to make and a fun project to work on with friends. The best thing about wreaths is that there are endless ways to make and decorate them, so use your creativity to make each one unique.

  1. Lay out the options. This is a fun group project because everyone can pool the craft supplies they already have. From natural pine cones sourced outside to ribbon and Christmas ornaments, everything is fair game when it comes to wreath making.
  2. Decide on a form. You can use a vine wreath shaped into a heart, a foam circle, a wire frame made from a coat hanger...get creative!
  3. Add a foundation. Use bread ties, glue, or gardening wire to attach the base layer to your wreath. Use boughs cut from your tree, vines of holly berries, fabric, tulle, or burlap.
  4. Attach finishing touches. Give your wreath a personalized look with painted wooden letters glued to the front, or add nuts, berries, or fruit. You can adorn your wreath with a strand of battery-powered LED lights or ribbons and bows.