3 Chrome Finishes to Choose From

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Chrome finishes are great because you can coat almost any kind of material—from glass, to plastic, to wood. The best part of this finishing process is that you get the look of chrome plating but you do not have to spend a lot of money on it. Here are a few different chrome finishes you can choose for your project.

Multi-Colored Chrome Finish

This is a popular choice when it comes to chrome finishes. It is both dark enough so that you get texture to the finish, but also light enough so that light can shine through and also reflect off the surface.

Silver Metal Chrome Finish

Many times for costumes or even hardware, people will use silver metal chrome finish to get a more silvery look. This look can even be applied to wood or glass.

Black Chrome Finish

This type of chrome finish can be applied to anything as well, especially coins. You can use this, particularly on metal to harden the surface, make cleaning easier or use as decoration.

Each of these is a great choice when it comes to chrome finishes and having a project in mind will help when choosing the right one for you. You can either buy it in a canister or use a spray can.