3 College Dorm Ideas for a Better Studying Environment

With a few simple college dorm ideas, you can improve your studying environment. While each person has different studying styles, here a few suggestions that anyone can benefit from.

1 – A Cluttered Room Leads to a Cluttered Mind.

A cluttered room feels stuffy and overcrowded. It keeps a person’s mind from flowing freely and absorbing information. It promotes stress and makes a person feel weighed down and tired, neither of which are good mental conditions for studying. Therefore, keep things neat and tidy.

2 – Get Comfortable, But Not Too Comfortable.

Whether you sit at a desk, on the floor or in the middle of your bed, be sure that your posture is good and that you are mostly comfortable. Back and neck strain from bad posture will distract you from your studies. On the other hand, being too comfortable will make it difficult to stay awake while reading. Strike a balance between discomfort and too much comfort.

3 – Study in Good Lighting.

Good lighting is essential to effective studying. Try to avoid fluorescent lighting, it leads to tired, strained eyes. You want light that doesn’t glare off of the page or shine in your eyes. Sunlight or natural light is best for a good studying environment.