3 Common Causes for a Leaking Shower Head

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There are 3 common causes of a leaking showerhead. A shower head can leak as it ages over time, signaling that a new shower head needs to be installed. It can also leak because of a crack or a defect which can also be fixed by replacing it with a new showerhead, unless the crack can be patched with plumber's putty. Another common cause of a leaking showerhead is improper installation.

These common problems are easy to identify using a flashlight and running water through the showerhead to determine where the leak exists. Any do-it-yourselfer can fix a leaking shower head, so this type of repair should not require you to call a plumber or professional in order to fix the problem. Address the problem in order to ward off a larger problem, such as water damage to the interior walls of your bathroom.

Aging Shower Head

If you are living in an older house with many of the original fixtures in place, chances are that the shower may be in need of renovation. If you notice that the showerhead has developed a leak, it is probably time to replace it. It's a great opportunity to remodel your bathroom.

Crack in the Shower Head

You might notice that a crack has developed, which can be identified by slowly running water through the showerhead and shining a light to pinpoint the crack. You may also need to remove the showerhead from the shower and carefully inspect the inside in order to determine the location of the leak. Plumber's putty can be used to seal the crack if it is not too big. If the crack inside the showerhead is large, toss it out and replace it with a new showerhead.

Faulty Installation of the the Shower Head

When a showerhead is installed, white plumber's tape is used to form a bond between the showerhead and the pipe. The tape prevents water from spilling back or leaking. It is very useful in this type of installation. If you notice that the leak is emanating from the place where the showerhead is attached, remove the showerhead and the white tape that covers the thread. Replace the old tape with new white plumber's tape and reattach the showerhead.