3 Common Dangers of Installing a CFL Light

broken cfl bulb getting swept up

The CFL in CFL light stands for compact fluorescent lamp. It is also called a compact fluorescent light and energy saving light. To a lesser degree it is also referred to as the compact fluorescent tube. It is a type of fluorescent lighting fixture that was designed as a replacement for the incandescent lamp which uses more power and has a shorter rated life span.

1. Avoiding Electrical Shock

When installing a CFL light, cut off all power before proceeding with the task. You cannot ensure your safety by simply turning the switch off since there are a number of electrocutions that happened with the switch off.

2. The Danger of Mercury

The mercury that can be found in a CFL is metallic or elemental mercury. If the light is broken, you can be exposed to it by touching it, ingesting it or inhaling it. Elemental mercury has the ability of instantly transforming itself into gas and inhaled mercury is more dangerous than other forms of exposure. It can damage your liver, the central nervous system and your kidneys.

3. Replacing Plugged or Hard Wired CFL Lights

If the fixture is plugged into a wall socket, you can simply unplug the fixture to make a safe installation. If you are going to install the CFL light into a ceiling fixture or chandelier, which are often hardwired into the main circuit, it would be better if you could turn off the power to the circuit by turning it off from the main electrical box.