3 Companion Plants for Delphinium

The delphinium is a tall, flowering plant that blooms in early summer. Ideal companion plants are those that grow to different heights to offset the delphinium and, depending on the garden’s color scheme, will consist of either complementing or contrasting colors.

The Madonna Lily

Planting Madonna lilies alongside blue delphiniums produces a lovely contrast as the white of the majestic lily is enhanced by the deep blue of the delphinium. The Madonna lily towers over the delphinium as these plants grow to 6 feet tall. The sturdy, leafy stalk bears clusters of around five white trumpet-shaped flowers.

Canterbury Bells

Another ideal combination is planting Canterbury bells with delphiniums. Canterbury bells produce lovely bell-shaped flowers and come in shades of blue, purple or white, which make for a lovely complement to a blue delphinium or an excellent contrast to the pink variety. This plant grows to approximately 3 feet and has very long lasting blooms.


This beautiful plant comes in a variety of colors from white, yellow or deep pink and the flowers grow most of the way up the stem rather than in clusters. Foxgloves are biennials so only expect them to flower in the second year. Foxgloves and delphiniums together create a majestic and beautiful flowerbed with many blooms since both plants produce multiple flowers. The color combinations are endless.