3 Concrete Slab Reinforcement Options

Concrete slab reinforcement is an important step in the mixing and pouring of concrete. Without concrete slab reinforcement the concrete won't be able to withstand the pressure of some items put on them. Concrete, although strong, can last two or three times longer when reinforced. The following information will explain several concrete slab reinforcement materials.

1. Steel Mesh

This type of concrete slab reinforcement is very commonly used in horizontal concrete pours. A layer of concrete is poured first and then the steel mesh is placed on top of the fresh concrete. The rest of the concrete is then poured on top of the steel mesh. This is a tricky process as steel mesh can sink to the bottom of the concrete if the pour is rushed.

2. Rebar

Steel rebar is a common concrete slab reinforcement. These are essentially thin posts that are stuck in the ground vertically. Other pieces of rebar are lashed across the vertical posts to create a grid pattern. The concrete is then poured into the form and the rebar grips the concrete which reinforces it.

3. Fiber

This concrete slab reinforcement can be glass, bits of metal or even plastic. The fibers are mixed with the concrete and then poured.