3 Creative Beadboard Designs

Beadboard is available in two types, tongue and groove, and 4 by 8 foot panels. It was first introduced during the 1800's where it began as a way to use wood scraps and reduce waste in building. It can be applied in a number of ways, and there are endless variations on the 3 ideas we have listed here.

Beadboard for the Den

For a den or study, use dark stained beadboard and panel the entire walls. The dark color of the wood produces a warm, comforting feel, and gives the room a somewhat rustic appeal.

Beadboard in the Dining Room

Install beadboard as wainscoting as another creative interior design. Install the beadboard just as you would paneling, but only run it up to a height of 36 to 48 inches. Use a contrasting color of paint or wallpaper for the remaining wall. Top the beadboard with a standard chair rail, and you have created a sophisticated dining room wall.

Beadboard Accentuates the Bedroom

Beadboard can be used as a ceiling panel. This gives a room a more intimate, inviting feel when the wood is stained, and provides a nice change from ordinary ceiling patterns when it painted. Painted or not, beadboard makes an excellent ceiling, and is easier to hang than conventional drywall.