3 Creative Ways to Reuse Broken Mirror Pieces

The small reflective pieces of a broken mirror can be recycled in an array of creative and artistic ways. When a mirror brakes, consider re using the pieces in an art or interior design project instead of merely throwing them away. Re-using broken mirror pieces keeps garbage out of landfills, has the potential to beautify your home and allows you to express your creative self. The remainder of this article explains three unique ways to re use broken mirror pieces.

Idea #1: Recycle Broken Mirror Pieces by Creating a Reflective Interior Backsplash

If you have a large quantity of broken mirror pieces (preferably larger than a quarter in size) consider reusing the pieces inside your home. You can use the broken mirror pieces like mosaic tiles; cementing them to a tile backsplash or empty wall to create a reflective and attractive decoration.

Broken mirror pieces look beautiful when they are arranged in a decorative way against a colorful background. You may choose to cover an entire wall, or scarcely scatter the broken pieces throughout a large area. Either way, you will have created a special piece of art that every one in your home will enjoy.


Idea #2: Use Broken Mirror Pieces to Create A Home Made Disco Ball

Making a homemade disco ball is an excellent and fun way to re use pieces of broken mirrors. To make your disco ball, all you need are broken mirror pieces, a large Styrofoam ball, wire, and a tube of super glue.

Use the super glue to bond each individual mirror piece to the Styrofoam ball. Try to keep your rows even and try to use pieces of mirror that are roughly the same size; this will ensure uniformity and produce a more professional looking final product.

When you have covered the entire Styrofoam ball with broken pieces of mirrors, you can fasten a length of wire to the top of the ball. The wire is used to hang the disco ball from the ceiling of your home. Making a home made disco ball is a great project to do with your children; they will be astonished by the reflective properties of the final product. If you decide to complete this craft with a child, supervision coupled with eye and hand protection is strongly recommended.


Idea #3: Make a Mosaic Stepping Stone Using the Broken Pieces of Mirror

One of the best places to employ your broken glass pieces is in a mosaic. More specifically, mirror pieces make excellent additions to outdoor stepping stones. Mirror pieces are easily set into wet cement; taking on an array of abstract images and designs. The reflective nature of broken mirrors gives outdoor stepping stones a unique beauty that is unmatched by traditional glass pieces.

You can make a series of stepping stones to mark a path, or simply create one stepping stone for garden decoration. Consider experimenting with a mixture of mirror pieces and traditional mosaic tiles. Use the broken glass pieces to symbolize water, gemstones or the sparkle of an eye.