3 Decorative Cabinet Hardware Ideas

Assortment of cabinet and drawer pulls

If your cabinets are showing their age, but you don’t want to invest in new ones, try updating your cabinets by swapping out your existing knobs and pulls with decorative cabinet hardware. The range of styles and materials is truly impressive and installation is easily accomplished with just a screwdriver.

1. Unique Shapes

Any shape or object that can be mounted on the head of a screw can be adapted as a cabinet knob. This type of decorative cabinet hardware are often used in children’s rooms as part of a theme and can take the form of a favorite character, toy or animal. They can also reflect a hobby or passion. In a den you might use sports team pins, in a kitchen miniature spoons and forks, or a rolling pin, in a bathroom seashells and fish. Let your imagination guide you and don’t be afraid to make your own.

2. Original Designs and Motifs

Another type of decorative cabinet hardware takes the form of a unique design or motif. Examples are metal vines curling up a cabinet handle, wine corks, or teapots. Let nature be your inspiration with leaves, twigs, or pine cones. Look to historical design motifs like fleur-de-lis and Celtic knots.

3. Bespoke Decorative Hardware

Hiring an artist or craftsman to design and create custom hardware is an ideal way to personalize the look of your cabinets. You can bring an idea of your own or describe the look you want and let them do the creative work. This is an expensive option you probably don’t want to use for cheap cabinets, but it can really finish a custom kitchen.